Big Brother Naija: Hunger Looms As Housemates Fail Task, Lose 100 Percent Wager

Big Brother Naija: Hunger Looms As Housemates Fail Task, Lose 100 Percent Wager

By Chibugo Okeke

Big Brother had some harsh words for 19 remaining housemates in the Big Brother Naija show as he delivered a strong verdict on their presentation, culminating in a total loss of their 100 percent wager.= and an impending hunger strike in the coming week.

On Tuesday, they wagered 100 percent for their task this week, which required them to put together a one hour play fusing different characters and scenes together.

But the rehearsals for the play was topsy-turvy as housemates argued amongst each other, everyone wanting their opinion to be heard.

With less than 10 minutes to the presentation, the Housemates were still rehearsing and trying to perfect their role before they were summoned to the arena to deliver their play.

Though they tried to put up a good outing within the stipulated time, the lapses were quite obvious and Big Brother didn’t hesitate to call them out.

“You have failed to impress Big Brother, I have seen better presentations and I have seen worse, this is far from it,” Big Brother raged.

He also called out some housemates including Sir Dee, Thelma, Jeff and Diane for conversing in other languages other than English without recourse to interpreting; a situation he said was insensitive on their path.

He lashed out at the housemates for also flouting several house rules, including whispering and moving during the freeze task and discussing diary sessions among themselves.

With the loss, the Housemates will have to manage the food left in the house within the next one week. Already Seyi and Kimoprah, who were designated to take charge of the kitchen, have decided to save some items in the Head of House luxury room for careful rationing.

Will the Housemates survive the coming week?

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