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September 19, 2019
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Breaking: Theresa May Set To Quit June 7

Breaking: Theresa May Set To Quit June 7

Breaking: Theresa May Set To Quit June 7

British Prime Minister, Theresa May has disclosed that she would step down from her position on June 7 after failing to convince the parliament on Brexit bid.

Shortly after meeting Tory “executioner” Sir Graham Brady, she addressed the nation in the spring sunshine of Downing Street – watched by adoring husband Philip – and admitted her time is up.

The PM confessed she now has no chance of ever getting her Brexit deal through Parliament but insisted “I have done my best” to deliver on the referendum result.

  • Boris Johnson is favourite to take over as the next Prime Minister
  • The leadership election will take around six weeks and conclude by the end of July
  • Brexit is now on pause until the new PM is in place
  • Tory MPs paid tribute to Mrs May’s resilience – even the ones who plotted against her
  • Jeremy Corbyn demanded an immediate General Election

Today the PM claimed she had done all she could to take Britain out of the EU with a deal, saying: “Ever since I first stepped through the door behind me as Prime Minister, I have striven to make the United Kingdom a country that works not just for a privileged few, but for everyone. And to honour the result of the EU referendum.

“If you give people a choice you have a duty to implement what they decide. I have done my best to do that.

“Sadly I have not been able to do so. I tried three times – I believe it was right to persevere even when the odds against success seemed high.”

Mrs May concluded: “I will shortly leave the job it has been the honour of my life to hold – the second female Prime Minister, but certainly not the last.

“I do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country I love.”

After her speech, the PM and Philip May drove off to spend the Bank Holiday weekend at their home in Sonning, Berkshire.

Mrs May will stay in office for the next two weeks, allowing her to welcome Donald Trump to the UK on his state visit, and step down as party leader on June 7.

She will then continue as interim PM until a new Tory leader is chosen, and finally leave office in July.

Jeremy Corbyn today called for the new Prime Minister to trigger a snap General Election and let voters decide who should lead the country, saying: “The Prime Minister is right to have resigned. She has now accepted what the country has known for months – she cannot govern, and nor can her divided and disintegrating party.

“Parliament is deadlocked and the Conservatives offer no solutions to the other major challenges facing our country. Whoever becomes the new Conservative seader must let the people decide our country’s future, through an immediate General Election.”

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