Disgraceful End Of Trump Era Shows Bullying Gets Nowhere – Rouhani

…YouTube Removes Trump Content, Blocks New Uploads For A Week

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the “scandalous” end of US President Donald Trump’s term in office proves that bullying and law-breaking will not lead to a good end.

Speaking in a Wednesday cabinet session, Rouhani said these days are not just marking the end of an administration, but the failure of the “maximum pressure” policy against Iran.

“The disgraceful and scandalous end of the US administration [of Trump] … proves that bullying, racism, and breaking the law will not lead to a good result,” Rouhani said.

He further noted that “today is the day of the failure of the economic terrorism policy, through which they sought to disrupt people’s lives.”

“Today, at the end of these three years of war, violence, and acts of terrorism in our country … we are witnessing a progress and stability in the country’s economy despite all the pressures,” the president noted.

Rouhani said the growth in the country’s exports during the past few months proves the fact that not only has the US maximum pressure policy totally failed, but its designers are falling and their political life has come to an end.

“A president who lacked political understanding took the helm of a country, and was accompanied by a stupid foreign minister and an ignorant and radical national security advisor. He handled everything with his gambling- and business-oriented mind, and we finally saw how his term ended,” he added.

Rouhani said the American society is now faced with a huge rift inside their country while the Iranian nation celebrates the disgraceful end of Trump’s era.

“On the same day that the Iranian people feel victorious against this pressure and terrorism, the American people witness great failure in their social and political lives and a huge rift inside the US,” he added.

“No one could believe this law-breaker [Trump] would order riot against his own nation, his own security, and the country’s legislature, and provoke people against the very democracy they believe in,” he added, referring to Trump supporters’ assault against the US Congress.

Meanwhile, YouTube removed new content from U.S. President Donald Trump’s channel, citing concerns about the potential of violence following the riot at the U.S. Capitol last week.

Trump’s channel now has its first strike against it, barring it from uploading new content for at least seven days, YouTube said in a tweet, without providing details on the offending videos.

The popular streaming site — owned by Alphabet’s Google — also said it’s indefinitely disabling comments on the channel due to safety considerations.

Other social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, have already taken steps to suspend the departing president, permanently in the case of Twitter and until the inauguration of Joe Biden for Facebook and Instagram.

Online platforms have struggled to strike a balance between a growing backlash against their sites in the wake of the violence last week — which many deemed to have been incited and organized through social media posts — and opposing criticism from free-speech advocates about imposing censorship.

Twitter most recently banned over 70,000 accounts it deemed dedicated to distributed QAnon conspiracy theories, while Facebook said it’s blocking the “stop the steal” refrain used by those who argue the November 2020 presidential election was illegitimate.

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