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Illegal Bum: Model With 59 Inch Bum Begs Doctors For Help

Illegal Bum: Model With 59 Inch Bum Begs Doctors For Help

Illegal Bum: Model With 59 Inch Bum Begs Doctors For Help

Model Courtney Barnes is desperately trying to get her illegal bottom injections removed as her enormous backside is now sagging and lumpy.

Courtney, 35, first got the risky filler injected when she was just 22, after she attended underground ‘plumping parties’.

The Miami-based influencer went on to have two more rounds of black-market filler injected into her body, leaving her with a whopping 59 inch bottom.

But now she wants it removed after the injections caused her bottom to sag, become discoloured and lumpy in areas.

Despite that Courtney still loves flaunting her curves online and champions body positivity, sharing belfies and sexy snaps with her nearly one million followers.

But she also suffers abuse on a daily basis, from people staring in the street to leaving nasty comments on her Instagram page.

Courtney has written an autobiography about her experiences, called ‘I Am Not My Body – But I Wanted a Bigger Behind’, as she warns other young girls about the dangers of getting the shots.

Speaking to Barcroft media, she said: “At one point I wanted a bigger butt at any cost, but now I realise it could cost me my life and that’s why I wanted to bring the awareness to other women.

“There are still physical changes going on in my body, like my butt is still discoloured, it sags more than it used to.”

The Instagram model is desperate to have a normal bottom – and life – despite the risky procedure to remove the filler potentially running into thousands of pounds.

She said: “The cost of fixing my butt is more than what I paid to get this butt, it’d be well over $20,000 (£15,000).

“I just want to go through with the procedure and remove the fillers.

“There are a lot of women who want not only butt injections, but all kinds of cosmetic surgery, because they do not like their body.

“I want to let people know I am here for you, I understand what you are going through, but just because it looks good it’s not healthy – if you decide you do want work done, go to a surgeon and do your research.”

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