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It’s In The Character Of Women To Be Greedy And Selfish – Veteran Actor, Pete Edochie Says



Veteran Nollywood actor Pete Edochie has disclosed that it’s in the character of women to be selfish and greedy depending on how you were indoctrinated.

Explain further, Pete Edochie said women are naturally greedy and selfish depending on how and where they were indoctrinated even though men aren’t like that as he sights examples to back up his claims.

According to him, 4 or 5 guys can stay in a room in the university for the entire 4 or 5 years course they would be doing without any problem but put two women in the same room and the police would have to go there and be separating them at any given moment.

Pete Edochie also added that two brothers or friends could be together for a very long time but will start fighting when a woman comes into the picture and that is something women have naturally depending on their indoctrination.

Pete Edochie is right for saying women are selfish and greedy based on their indoctrination and no one can argue that with him because it’s the truth as every single woman has that selfish or greedy character but some just try their best not to exhibit it.

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Tope Alabi Finally Break Silence, Tenders Apology To Yinka Alaseyori



Popular gospel singer, Tope Alabi has finally broken her silence after she received heavy backlash from Nigerians for criticizing a song by her younger colleague.

Alabi however denied that she was jealous of the Oniduromi crooner days after talking down on the song in a public concert.

In a recent facebook post by Church Gist, it published Alabi’s apology where she described Alaseyori as her daughter in ministry.

According to her, alot of people have been calling her regarding the issue adding that she is not envious of Alaseyori, adding that the sky is wide enough for everyone to fly.

Read an excerpt of the post below:

“…..I’m not a perfect person yet, I’m still a work in progress in the hands of God. I want people to see me as a mere mortal with my own weaknesses, human frailties and as a learner in the limitless knowledge of God.

“I see the depth of anger as the measure of their love, admiration, and solid support for me and for all of us in the singing ministry. Let me acknowledge that my mistake was that I externalised a personal message in public, and I’m awfully sorry for doing that.”

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Life In The Ghetto Made Me Hustle Hard — Rapper Olamide



Popular Nigerian rapper, Olamide Adedeji, popularly known as Olamide, has narrated his experiences while living in the ghetto before becoming famous.

While speaking with The Guardian UK, he said growing up in a slum in the Bariga axis of Lagos State motivated him to hustle hard.

According to him, although surviving was hard in the ghetto, he hustled hard to become successful just to experience life in a different culture.

“Surviving was hard. Bariga was not far from the other slums you see across the world, from Mumbai to New York and London – life in the ghetto is almost always the same everywhere,” Olamide said.

The singer revealed that there were days he could not afford three square meals while growing up and that motivated him to hustle hard.

“There were days when not being able to afford three square meals was a big deal for my family. All of that motivated me to hustle hard.

” I also wanted to see the whole world and experience different cultures from what I grew up seeing,” Olamide added.

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I’m The Most Mocked Person Because My Kids Are From Different Dads – Toyin Lawani



Popular Nigerian celebrity stylist and photo model, Toyin Lawani also known as Tiannah has given reasons why she’s hated by many of her industry colleagues and other social media users.

According to Toyin Lawani, she is the most mocked and laughed at celebrity in the industry because her only crime was having children with different men.

However, she stated that if doing that will keep giving her children like her other kids, she doesn’t mind doing it again.

According to her, she does not believe that if a person falls for the first or second time, does not mean a person does not have the right to love again. She emphasied that she is not pertrubed about how people talk “shit” about her or mock her because it does not move her.

I think I’m the most mocked parent out there, Guess what my crime is ??? Having kids From separate dads, well if Doing that will keep giving me kids like @therealtiannah and @thereallordmaine I will make the mistake over and over and over again, cause I don’t Believe cause you failed once or twice, you shouldn’t have the right to love again.

“See when it comes to all these nasty shits you people think you write to mock me, it doesn’t move me at all, I’ve grown a tough skin, that’s what you people have taught me to do, so I do me and what makes me happy, no matter how much you soil my name, the world people who mean well see how hardworking.”

“I am at my various crafts and see how I strive at my various crafts daily, imagine if I listen to such nonsense y’all have to say, will my kids be where they are today? Will they be making you happy ??, cut that crap, see if I like I will have 6kids from different dads for different reasons, so far it makes me happy, if the next one mess up I will move on again, it’s like you people don’t know me 🤣🤣 moni shoko gan🤣.”

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