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Screen Goddess, Mercy Johnson Finds New Love

Screen Goddess, Mercy Johnson Finds New Love

Screen Goddess, Mercy Johnson Finds New Love

By Chibugo Okeke

Screen goddess and Nollywood star, Mercy Johnson looks all set to dump acting as she seems to have fallen in love with cooking.

Mercy Johnson the all-round Nollywood actress recently revealed that another interesting side of her aside acting is cooking and gisting making it clear that gisting is miles apart from gossiping

In an exclusive interview with Pulse Nigeria, she said, “Two things I like to do, I like to cook, I like to gist, not gossip I like to cook and I like to talk while at it. You know when you are grinding pepper that is when the gist comes. So because I love to cook and I love to talk, I set that into good use, talk about issues, talk about vices, talk about stuff that would benefit people., get very interesting people around, we cook, we eat and then we talk.”

Acting of all manners is something that she thrives in; from acting as a local village girl to a tomboy and to an exclusive rich lady is definitely what she is known for in the movie industry.

But now aside all these, the general public is surprised to see another side of her which is, without doubt, going to be a beautiful sight to behold and of course a wonderful show on our screens.

The actress also added to sure bring in celebs and public figures who will also share their success stories on the show, which according to her is going to be a packed up show that would keep eyes glued to the screens.


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