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Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir Charged Over ‘Killing’ Of Protesters

Sudan's Omar al-Bashir Charged Over 'Killing' Of Protesters

A Sudanese woman who has come to symbolize for many the protests that have forced out former president Omar al-Bashir said protesters want the whole regime to go.

Sudan’s ousted president Omar al-Bashir has been charged over the killings of protesters during the anti-regime demonstrations that led to the end of his rule, the prosecutor general announced Monday.

“Omar al-Bashir and others have been charged for inciting and participating in the killing of demonstrators,” the office of Sudan’s acting prosecutor general said.

Meanline, Sudan’s protest leaders said on Monday that an agreement has been reached with the country’s military rulers on the makeup of a new “sovereign council” to run the country.

“At today’s meeting we agreed on the structure of the sovereign council which will include military and civilian representatives,” Taha Osman, a spokesman for the protest movement, said.


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