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Withdraw The Troops From Igboland, Agitation For Referendum Is People’s Right – Veteran Singer, Onyeka Onwenu Tells Buhari



Veteran Singer and Actress, Onyeka Onwenu has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to pull out the Nigerian troops deployed in South-East to maintain law and order in the region.

Onyeka made the submission at a press conference organized by the Credible Igbo Women Initiative (CIWI) in Lagos. She maintained that the Federal government ought to dialogue with secessionists in the region as it is part of their fundamental human rights.

According to her, the federal government may not agree with the secessionist, but they have the right to speak up.

She said;

“We come here together with one thing in our mind: peace, love and equity. Something dreadful is happening in south east right now. I happened to come from Imo state and I know what people are passing through there. Please, federal government should stop the killings

“Some people want to agitate for referendum, it is their right. Some people want to cry out that they are being marginalized, it is their right. Listen to them. You may not agree with them, but they have the right to speak. We are begging, we are asking, please let’s sit down and talk about what is going on. Let’s call our people who are agitating, who are not happy with the situation and talk to them. Nigerian government let’s talk. Pull out the troops from Igboland.

“I want to use this opportunity to reach out to our young people to embrace dialogue. Please, come let’s talk. We will stand for the right of Igbo people”

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‘Why I Stay Away From Anyone That Causes Me Pain’ – Actress, Iyabo Ojo



Popular Nollywood actress and Tik Tok star, Iyabo Ojo has opened up on why she keeps off anyone whose actions and in-actions brings pain to her.

Iyabo Ojo revealed on her Instagram page that she does not go near people who cause her pain because the experience leaves her traumatized and she pointed out that pain will make her stuck in a state of stress and constant arousal which she does not want to go through again and again.

According to the mother of two, her happiness and peace of mind is paramount to her.

In her words;

“I do away with anything & anyone who causes me pain …… my happiness is key… I guide my happiness & peace of mind jealously … ever manage what causes you pain, it leaves you traumatized & you’ll be stuck in a state of stress & persistent arousal … nooooooo I don’t want that”

In an another related news, Iyabo Ojo vowed not back down and take a chill pill even after embattled actor, Baba Ijesha was granted bail over his case of s.exual molestation against on a minor.

In her words;

”I used to think the government was our problem. I have come to understand that we are our own problem not the government.

”The way we are wired, the way we think, it’s always all about us. Oh! She is not your child, why are pained about it? That’s the same problem we have in Nigeria.

”When someone like that gets to a place of power, they think about themselves and their people.

”We are the problem of Nigeria, the day we begin to take up issues that do not concern us and treat it like it is our own problem, Nigeria will begin to get better.

”I am that mother that will stand for that girl till the end. I am not backing down, justice will be served.”

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At 30 And Above It’s A Shame If You Ask Your Parents For Money — Actress, Ani Amatosero



Nollywood actress, Ani Amatosero has shared the one thing a person who is 30 years old and above should never do.

Ani Amatosero took to her Instagram page and strongly posited that it is shameful for one who is 30 and above to ask your parents for money.

This statement by the actress was vehemently disputed by social media users as many alluded to the fact that they can’t put pressure on themselves just because they are too old to ask for a helping hand when in need.

She wrote;

At 30 and above it’s a shame if you ask your parents for money. Look at covid, at 19 the mumu has travelled round the world

See comment her post generated below;

@iam_thethickqueen wrote;

Life is tough pls stop putting unnecessary pressure on youths…living in Nigeria is bad enough pls!!!! As for me I’ll always be my mummy’s baby even at 50…Stop with the unnecessary pressure on young people!

@rich_homie_fame wrote;

Life is tough pls stop putting unnecessary pressure on youths…living in Nigeria is bad enough pls!!!! As for me I’ll always be my mummy’s baby even at 50…Stop with the unnecessary pressure on young people!

@zayxon_tech wrote;

Stop putting unnecessary pressure on people, the person who founded kfc, colonial sanders did it at 60 years old…everybody has their time and date

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Why I Don’t Rate Nigerian Male Icons — Singer, Temmie Ovwasa



Nigerian singer, Temmie Ovwasa stated that she does not rate Nigerian male icons because most of them got away with emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

Temmie Ovwasa revealed on her Twitter page she gets enraged anytime she engages in a conversation with older Nigerian women but she recognized that it is not her story to tell.

She said that she has not met one man in Nigeria that is emotionally or intellectually capable of inclusivity and he recounted how while in the University, she was told she could not run for SUG president because she is a woman and she bemoaned the fact that we live in a world where a man will se.xually abuse a lady and get a statue after he dies but the lady will get public ridicule.

See her post below;

Some social media users have agreed to her comments whereas others held different opinions.

@organicoilplus wrote;

She stated fact don’t let your hate for her cloud your sense of reasoning or because you’re the gender she’s referring to

@bridget_dawnny wrote;

Not everyone that has trauma is depressed, ughh y’all with y’all little brains. She spoke FACTS!

@moyamilia wrote;

This is so true , but some of the comments here are part of the reasons, men get away with this things most times …

@xophie_lala wrote;

So true 👏they all act holy and clean in social media but are something else 😢

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